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“Schools Ask Minnesota Legislatures to Include 21st Century Skills”
March 25, 2009

Staff members from six school districts across the state, including La Crescent-Hokah Public School members, met in Saint Paul on March 25 to push the inclusion of 21st century skills into Minnesota’s K-12 curriculum. Twenty-first century skills are those critical life skills students need to be successful after graduation, such as team work, creativity, communication, leadership and information technology. These skills enhance the classroom experience and prepare the students for a successful life.
With the focus on No Child Left Behind nationally and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) within Minnesota, many schools and classes focus on teaching the core subject content in order to achieve minimum test scores. Twenty-first century skills do not have to compete with the core subject content and can be combined with it to help students learn. For example, teamwork and the use of information technology can be taught by grouping science students into small teams to do web-based research and report on their results. Research studies suggests that this type of approach actually improves student learning of the core subject material. Additionally, incorporation of 21st century skills doesn’t have to cost schools extra or force teachers to do “one more thing” than they already have to do.

Members from the group met with their local representatives to inform them of what 21st century skills are and how the schools in their regions are incorporating them into classes.

David Krenz, Superintendent; Dr. Julie Beddow-Schubert, Curriculum Director; and Lois Cox, Technology Integration Specialist met with Representative Gene Pelowski, Representative Greg Davids and Senator Dan Sparks.

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